Friday, February 19, 2016

Alice Cooper Working on 2 New Albums

From Ultimate Classic Rock to Blabbermouth and a number of other music related 
sites state that Alice Cooper is working on 2 new albums.
One is his solo album w/ his current band and original band
Michael Bruce, Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway.
Honestly I like to see Alice create a whole new album w/ the original band.
The best songs on W2MN included the ones w/ the original band members.

The second is another Hollywood Vampire album. I know during the
debut of Hollywood Vampires Alice Cooper mentioned they did a number of songs that
didn't make the first round like his song w/ Marylin Manson for one. Who knows
by the passing of many artists maybe they will cover Motorhead, David Bowie
Jefferson Airplane, Mott the Hoople, etc...
I can't picture Alice singing any Eagles songs unless it's Hotel California

Ultimate Classic Rock article:

Blabbermouth article:

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