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2001, Thinking of Alice, A Tribute To Alice Cooper

2001, CD 
Thinking of Alice, A Tribute To Alice Cooper

Released in 2001 by Steve Wensil of The Dead Kings on Scat Boy Records. This tribute CD consist of mostly garage rock bands and is very raw sounding. A lot of these bands are unknown to me but maybe more popular around the North Carolina area I assume since that's where The Dead Kings are known. Also Michael Bruce guest guitarist with Antiseen's version of "Sick Things" that previously came out on Anti-Seen "Here To Ruin Your Groove" CD. 

"Levity Ball" is covered by The Frankenstein Drag Queens, who Wednesday 13's later plays in the band called The Murderdolls. 
There are quite a few good Alice Cooper covers. The only one I'm not crazy about is "I'm Eighteen" which is really a conversation between two people. As one guy is talking about Alice Cooper, the other guy is talking about professional wrestling as an instrumental of "I'm Eighteen" is being played in the background.  "Dead Babies" by Rancid Vat slags on Alice at the end which I don't really get but they do a good version of the song.

It's real interesting to hear bands cover Alice Cooper especially bands that are considered underground.

Inside the CD is a letter by original Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith.

opens up as a 4 panel piece

Page 1 and 2

Back Cover

Inside is all 4 open panels
Written by Neal Smith


Picture of Glen Buxton
behind the CD holder

Back of Jewel Case

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