Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2002, Mutations, A Tribute To Alice Cooper

This is one of my favorite tributes to Alice Cooper. Most of these bands are Industrial or Goth.
This came out at a good time during Alice's "Brutal Planet" CD which is sort of Industrial.
You can tell a lot of these bands were influenced by Alice Cooper. What I like about this tribute is they don't sound like musicians doing impressions of Alice. Mutations is a good title for this tribute CD. These artist give their own interpetation without drawing away from the original. 

Godhead version of "Hey Stoopid" and "Poison" by Tubring sound like they could of been part 
of the "Brutal Planet" album. Chris Connelly who is also on the Welcome To Our Nightmare tribute CD does another cover "Hard Hearted Alice" which reminds me of Nick Cave.
One of my favorite cover is "Ballad Of Dwight Fry" done by Loretta's Doll. There is a funny story
 here about them. You see I knew the singer Bryin Dall from a previous band called The End. Bryin made me a copy of "Strange Case of Alice Cooper" on vhs when he was working in a video shop during his struggling years as a musician. Last time I heard from Bryin was in '85. When I played this CD I loved this band doing 'Ballad of Dwight Fry" and checked out their website that is listed in this CD and sure enough it list Bryin Dall as vocalist. As I checked out Loretta's Doll site they list as one time being 4th Sign of The Apocalypse band who is listed as covering "Dead Babies". So I am not to sure if 4th Sign... has disbanded or maybe still around w/ a different line up. 

There are two versions of "Under My Wheels" but they are so different in style you don't mind hearing
 it twice. Texylvania version sounds more like a garage band as Slick Idiot has that euro-dance mix.         

2002, Mutations, A Tribute To Alice Cooper
King of Shock Rock

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