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1993, Welcome To Our Nightmare, A Tribute To Alice Cooper CD

Since Alice is coming out soon with is own cover album.
My guess it'll be out in the Spring or Summer.

There are a number of tribute recordings to Alice Cooper.
I have a few in my collection.

This 2 CD Alice Cooper Tribute was put out by Triple X Records in 1993, that lists 23 groups.
Some bands you may know, others are underground but all pay great homage to Alice Cooper. Each in their own style which I like rather than bands just copying exactly like the original. If that’s the case might as well play an Alice Cooper album right? Well, these bands do an excellent job and pick songs from all periods of Alice Cooper. They start off from the first Cooper album “Pretties For You” to “Trash” album.

Dramarama does a great version of “Reflected” and “Levity Ball” by Wallison Ladmok (featuring Paul Cutler and Don Bolles). I am not surprised that most of the tunes covered are from Alice’s early days especially from bands like these who are known to be more off-beat. I think that’s why I like the covers from this recordings. Also some of the bands range from garage rock, punk, and goth. Three of the major influences Alice Cooper had on these styles.
Former Revolting Cocks, Chris Connelly does a great cover of “Desperado”.
Tyla of Dogs D’Amour does an acoustic version of “Teenage Lament” which comes across just as sobering. Dutchess De Sade covers one of my favorite New Wave Alice tunes “Pain” from “Flush The Fashion” album. Vandals show their playfulness on “Poison” from the “Trash” album which is so funny as they switch to “Poison” by R&B Boy band Bel Biv Devoe that made me crack up.

The liner notes were written by Wayne Kramer of MC5, a Detroit band that toured with Alice Cooper back in the ‘70’s. Kramer does a good job in giving a little anecdote of his first meeting with the Alice Cooper Group inside page 1 of the CD booklet.

1993, Double CD 
Welcome To Our Nightmare, A Tribute To Alice Cooper


Back Cover

Inside pages 1 & 2
Page 1 Introduction by Wayne Kramer

Inside pages 3 & 4

Inside pages 5 & 6

Disc One

Disc Two

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