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2010, Remember The Coop!, A Tribute To Alice Cooper's Killer Classics

2010, CD
 Remember The Coop!, A Tribute To Alice Cooper's Killer Classics

Out of this double CD I seem to like disc 2 the most. Dimma and the original Cooper's Michael Bruce and Dennis Dunaway sound the best w/ some others.

Michael Bruce w/ Dimma on 2 tracks, “Under My Wheels” and “My Stars” from Iceland concert on Halloween night 2002. Dennis Dunaway w/ Dimma recorded in Iceland in 2010 w/ Dimma’s Hjalti Omar on vocals. Dennis’s daughters Chelsea and Renee do an excellent job. Both remind me a bit of Ani Defranco. Chelsea from Che Monet sings “Dead Babies” accompanied by ukulele. Renee covers “Killer,” Renee also has a band called Jetsetter. Each sister back each other on their own covers.  On “Killer” Renee also interjects “Mary Ann” lyrics. Rick Tedesco from Dennis Dunaway Project performs on “Big Apple Dreamin.” 

I notice Shawn Mars performs twice among others.  First in Mutant Monster Beach Party that covers “Is It My Body” then solo in “School’s Out.” Frankenstein 3000 performs twice first w/ Richard Barone who cover’s “Hello Hooray” and just Frankenstein 3000 on “Desperado.” Scream featuring Sim Cain on drums cover “Be My Lover.” 
Sim Cain played w/ Rollins band from ’87 – 2000. 

“Be My Lover”, “Under My Wheels” and “Desperado” are covered twice.
“Be My Lover” by Porro and The Raving Lunatics then on 2nd CD by Scream featuring Sim Cain.
“Under My Wheels” by Michael Bruce w/ Dimma and 2nd CD by Blue Fox
“Desperado” by Graveyard School and on 2nd CD by Frankenstein 3000.

Two songs by Alice Cooper’s solo career are covered. “You and Me” by Christian Beach and “Only Women Bleed” by Eye Of The Dawn.

this opens up as 3 panels

Inside page 1

page 2

page 3

Disc 2 outside panel

Back cover of outside panel

2 Discs

Photo of desert behind CD holder

Back Jewel Case

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