Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1991, july, M.E.A.T, Choice Cut of The Month

July 1991


Free publication from Canada

I won this item through the SickThings days when people
chatted w/ one another on Alice Cooper news and etc...

Paul Brenton who was involved in 
The Glen Buxton Memorials
posted a Alice Cooper trivia which I won.
Well w/ Paul's help I think it took three tries and Paul
was so kind he lead me to the answer.
I forgot the question but this is the item
that was sent to me.

This article talks to Alice about "Hey Stoopid" release


Pg 2
Hey Stoopid full page AD

Pg 7
Operation Rock & Roll AD

Pg 23

Pg 24

Pg 37
Top 10
Metal Airplay & Sales Charts
from Canada & USA

Pg 47
inside back cover
Operation Rock & Roll AD

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