Monday, February 3, 2014

Nights with Alice Cooper announces Dennis Dunaway's book

Although very brief you may have missed the closing announcement
during the recent interview w/ Dennis Dunaway on 
Nights with Alice Cooper. Near the end of the interview
Alice says look soon for Dennis's new book "Loving It To Death"
That was it Alice or Dennis didn't talk about it.
Maybe more once it is released.
A while back Dennis was shopping around for a publisher. This is the 
first time I heard of the title. Haven't seen anything on Dennis Dunaway
website but now we know it's coming out.

In an interview a while back Dennis said he was ending the book on a high note.
Saying it ends when the band makes it to the Hollywood Bowl.
I wonder if he changed it from then or will he talk about the split, solo projects,
Battle Axe, being in RnR Hall of Fame?

We heard from Alice Cooper and Michael Bruce
I like to hear from another band member of the making of Alice Cooper.

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