Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Doors, books mention Alice Cooper

What I find interesting is that there are no photos of Alice Cooper w/ Jim Morrison
of all the times they hung out no one snapped a photo. Maybe no one was steady enough 
to hold the camera. 

I have read a number of books about The Doors
here are 2 books that mention Alice Cooper.

1992, hardcover
The Lizard King
The Essential Jim Morrison
by Jerry Hopkins

Jerry Hopkins who also wrote the best selling Doors book
No One Gets Out Alive with Danny Sugarman
gives an extension of his views on Jim Morrison.
The Lizard King also contains some interviews with Jim Morrison
from past publications such as the 1970Circus interview
by Sali Stevenson.

Pg 244
Sali Stevenson, Winter 1970 
Interview w/ Jim Morrison appeared in CIRCUS
including some questions from
Photographer Kurt Inghan

KURT: Have you seen Alice Cooper or the Stooges?

I haven’t heard them. I’ve just read a few things about them . . .
sounds great. I like people that shake other people up and make
them uncomfortable.

from Evenspotspeaks: I find this interesting since many times Alice Cooper opened 
for The Doors, Jim has never seen them perform. 
Of course Jim used to be wasted quite a bit and at times he would be M.I.A. 
just before hitting the stage. 
I know Alice mentioned in interviews during the Toronto Rock n’ Roll Revival Festival 
that when they were on stage John Lennon was on one side & Morrison was on the other side 
watching them. We all know Alice tends to stretch the truth a bit. 
Maybe some of The Doors (Robbie, Ray, John) seen the show but doubt Morrison viewed it. 

2005, paperback
Jim Morrison
Life, Death Legend
by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis author of Hammer Of The Gods
gives his views on Morrison. Davis gives plenty of stories
and at times reminds me of Oliver Stone's JFK movie
as Davis speculates certain rumors.
I still found this as one of the best stories of Jim Morrison and The Doors.

Pg 345

IN SAN FRANCISCO ON IULY 25. Bill Graham presented the Doors
in the Cow Palace along with Elektra bluesmen Elvin Bishop and
Lonnie Mack. The fourteen thousand seats sold out in an hour. The next
night the Doors headlined at the University of Oregon, supported by a
new band, Alice Cooper, that took the old Doors theatrics to an even level. 

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