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1998, Ant-Bee, Lunar Muzik, with Bruce, Buxton, Dunaway, Smith

"Lunar Muzik"

by Ant-Bee
(with Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith)


Reissue of "Lunar Muzik" CD by Gonzo Multimedia UK on June 9, 2014

1998 is the first time the original four members Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway and Glen Buxton of the Alice Cooper regrouped.  Ant-Bee is musician Billy James who also co-wrote a number of musicians biographies such as Michael Bruce's "No More Mr. Nice Guy." Billy James has worked with musicians from late 60's to early 70's with members from Alice Cooper, Zappa's Mothers of Invention, Soft Machine, Hawkwind and Gong.

"Tears That Fall Unto The Sky" features Michael Bruce on guitar that sounds like an early Who song. 
"By-And-By I Touch The Sky" is broken down in 4 sections. The third part "The Platinum God Excerpts" are Neal Smith's never released song from his solo album "The Platinum God". Which is now released on Neal Smith's label in 1999. "The Platinum God Excerpts" includes all four members of The Alice Cooper Group. It's a sort of Avant-Garde or Prog Rock piece. 
It's hard to tell where it starts and ends unless you get Neal's release of "The Platinum God" you 
can get an idea.

As for "Return Of The Titanic Overture" written by Billy James and music by Michael Bruce. This is a tribute to Alice Cooper Group's first album "Pretties For You" which had the instrumental track "Titanic Overture." Supposedly this song has 13 hidden clues which I have never completed. This also includes all four members of the Alice Cooper Group.
This whole album is pretty strange but it's interesting sounds. Some songs sound like Mothers Of Invention and does have that late 60's early 70's sounds. Other tracks I find interesting is "Child Of The Moon" which is a rare b-side from 1969 by The Rolling Stones written by Jagger and Richards. I also like "Love Is Only Sleeping" written by Mike Nesmith which was a hit by The Monkees.


Last paragraph of the above panel notes the artwork was taken from two paintings by Syd Barrett

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