Thursday, July 19, 2012

1993, The Last Temptation Press Kit, Part 1

I really miss going to the local collectible shows. They seem to be the way of vinyl records few and far in between. The ones that do exist are small events and some not worth the time to travel as they are further away from the city.

The Last Temptation album is one of my favorites. Interesting to know Alice's working title was Along Came A Spider. It's a great concept as Alice shows us Steven as a teenager. This album was combined w/ my 2 loves music and comic books. Alice joins up w/ writer Neil Gaiman who was known for his gothic comics most famous Sandman. Teaming up w/ artist Dave McKean who did all 3 covers and album cover and Michael Zulli who illustrated the comic books. Later they would reissue a trade paperback of all 3 stories. One was in color and one was in brown and white. Just pen and ink style w/ a sepia tone of ink looking brown very cool.

The album itself was one of the best. Alice had three producers Andy Wallace, Don Fleming and the team of Duane Baron and John Purdell. Andy Wallace is one of my favorite producer since he worked w/ another of my favorite band Blind Melon. Alice also had a number of guest one I have to point out is Chris Cornel of Soundgarden. Chris gave Alice 2 songs "Stolen Prayer" and "Unholy War". Chris also sings background vocals on "Stolen Prayer". If you have a chance to listen to Chris's demo of "Stolen Prayer" it's pretty cool hearing Chris sing this song.
Two other tracks that didn't make it co-written by Tommy Shaw (Styx) and Jack Blades (Damn Yankees) made it to only demos "I Dare You" and "Invisible Strings". Plus two other songs that didn't make it for one reason or another "Blood Brother" which later became "Bad Place Alone" and "Best Friend".

This again would of been a great live show. I could even see this as an animation of the album. But Alice did sing 4 tracks "Sideshow", "Lost In America", Cleansed By Fire", "Nothing's Free" during his Rock and Roll Carnival Tour.

On to this promo everything was photocopied except for one photo of Alice. They also included the 1st issue that was given away w/ the CD.

First page was the intro letter of The Last Temptation

This comic book is the first issue that was w/ the CD purchase. The cover is different if you bought this on the stand.

This was a stapled folder of The Last Temptation.
The package also included a type written version on Epic letterhead which later was transferred in this booklet w/ Titles in each chapter.

8x10 photo

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