Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1999, Welcome To My Nightmare DVD, Rhino Press Kit

Rhino release of "Welcome To My Nightmare" on DVD.
I notice this version was edited. I compared it to the original VHS that came out in 1975. Example during "Some Folks" they edit out the dancers w/ the white cane between their legs while the other dancers perform oral sex.  "Department of Youth" they censoring out the word "hell" in the song. When Alice sings the line "...Hell that doesn't matter...".At the time I asked Brian Nelson and was told that this may have been the only print Rhino had to copy of. My opinion is this is about the time Alice was becoming a little strict w/ his religious beliefs. 
I know he said there were certain songs he would never sing on stage. He may have had second thoughts when viewing this during the commentary and had them edit out. What I did like on the DVD is the the commentary with Alice and his assistant the late Brian Nelson as they walk you through the whole concert. I found this very funny such as when the Cyclops comes out Alice interjects "If we came out with a kitchen sink we would still get the same effect". The DVD also includes an interview with Alice Cooper. I would suggest to get the DVD for the extras but see the '75 VHS for the concert.

This press Kit includes one photo and a slide. Unfortunately I don't have a backlight so the scan of the slide is very bad. I added it in since you may be able it make out.

8x10 photo

Rhino Folder Cover

Press Release

2 pg, Alice Cooper Bio

Color Slide of performance
As you can see it's Alice on stage w/ balloons.
I don't have a backlight scanner so it came out like this
but you get the idea.

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