Thursday, July 12, 2012

2008, Along Came A Spider Postcard

Along Came A Spider is a great concept album that Alice released in '08.
I was hoping he would do a full blown tour. You have many visual songs that would of been great to perform on stage. It's sort of a heavy metal version of From The Inside.
The 10 minute promo was great and the art work on the CD and Vinyl I just thought was very creative.
Just to point out that Piggy D was the Art Director and Designer. I was actually picturing the concert in my head. Unfortunately Alice only sang one song "Vengeance Is Mine" in concert. In 2000 Brutal Planet is last concert close to promoting an album in which he covered 8 songs and that was 12 years ago. Alice says he doesn't want to be a nostalgic band but to me that's what he's doing only w/ a younger band. Now don't get me wrong I am not dissing Alice. He's very creative and has interesting songs. I expect more from him than other performers who just fall on their back catalog of hits.
It's like an artist who creates these wonderful paintings then places them in a closet.

Below is the front and back of the postcard.

On the top of the back postcard has a quote from Welcome To My Nightmare "Black Widow"

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