Saturday, July 21, 2012

1999, The Life And Crimes of Alice Cooper, Press Kit

From Rhino the 4 CD box set of Alice Cooper. This is an excellent collection of songs from way back to The Spiders days up to The Last Temptation. Some people say it could of been more rare tracks. Well of course it could but I was happy w/ the songs and the packaging. This included a cool 80 page book that includes quotes from Alice Cooper past and present band members. Also many great photos and plenty of information for any Alice fan.

The Rhino cover folder

Inside folder

10x8 photo

Rhino Letter

2 page Press Release

2 page Bio

2 page Tribute by John Lydon.
This was inside the box set book.

2 page Trivia Quiz

68 pages of text of the book box set.
I didn't copy all just 3 pages. The first 2 pages and a random page of quotes on a track.
It's the same as the box set book.

18 pages of the track info. Again just did the first 2 pages.

Rhino also included a Press Release of The Welcome To My Nightmare DVD.
Since both came out that year. I do have a Press Kit for the DVD that includes this letter.

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