Friday, July 13, 2012

Michael Bruce / Josiah Bruce

I remember getting this through Michael Bruce's Torn Ticket Production. This is all photocopies including 2 photocopies photos of Michael Bruce. One from his '73 Billion Dollar Babies Tour photo that was signed in marker and other looks like a 1990 photo from Josiah Bruce.

A short Bio of Bruce and his brief 1990 band Josiah Bruce which Michael play guitar and Josiah vocals.

This also included a cassette tape that has Bruce's bands throughout his career. The tape list 4 songs by 1965 Wild Flowers that is very British band influences like The Beatles and The Yardbirds. It sounds like they took this from a 45. You can hear the needle on vinyl w/ some hiss and crackles.
3 songs by 1990 Josiah Bruce that are bluesy rock. The rest of the tape includes solo and 2 Billion Dollar Babies, Battle Axe songs.

The cassette list as followed...

Wild Flowers: (1965)
A Man Like Myself, One A Day Like Today, More Than Me, Moving Along With The Sun

Michael Bruce: (1975) In My Own Way album
King of America, In My Own Way, Rock Rolls On (Alice Cooper background vocals) 

Billion Dollar Babies: (1977) Battle Axe album
Rock Me Slowly, Winner

Michael Bruce: (1983) Rock Rolls On album
Rock Rolls On, Gina, Too Young, In My Own Way

Josiah Bruce: (1990)
Not Afraid To Live, No More Time, Not Gonna Take It

Folder is a silver stock w/ Michael Bruce label

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