Friday, March 14, 2014

1999, sept-oct, HIT LIST, Glitter Punk Revolution Now!

was a cool publication that resembled
an underground magazines but these black & white pages was close to 200.
It was published in Berkeley, CA
I haven't seen any more issues around after this one was released
on the news stand in '99.

Cover art by
Frank Kozik

The Alice Cooper cover got my attention who is only mentioned
in a sentence or two but I couldn't resist the cover art
plus I liked a number of the non Alice related articles.

Pg 3,
Sonic Reducer Records
couldn't help but notice Neal Smith's head
on the top part of the logo.
This image was taken from the back of the
"Love It To Death" album that is also in this
issue on Pg 111.

Pg 16 - 17
Glen Buxton

Pg 111 - 115
besides this photo of Alice Cooper who is only
mentioned on pg 112 but this is a good article that
also includes The Beat Angels on the last page.

The Beat Angels get some press below

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