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more Alice Cooper mentions in other books

Following are five books that briefly mention Alice Cooper

1992, hardcover
The Persistence of Memory
Biography of Dali
Meredith Etherington - Smith

Being a fan for years and read a number of books on Dali
this is one of my favorites.

Pg 376

Dali and Gala had always been interested in celebrities. During the
1970s they became particularly fascinated by the emerging phenome-
non of rock superstars, latter-day dandies who were famous in the
same populist way that Dali was famous. Dali loved them, and they
admired him. He cultivated them assiduously; he made a hologram of
Alice Cooper’s brain that formed part of the exhibition at the Knoedler
Gallery in 1972, and John Lennon commissioned him to create a
birthday present for Ringo Starr. But the world of rock and roll, while
intriguing him with its excess and its power of worldwide communica-
tion, also produced the greatest threat to his happiness in the unlikely
figure of an unknown singer from Ohio called Jeff Fenholt.

from Evenspotspeaks:  Jeff Fenholt played Jesus Christ in the musical
Jesus Christ Superstar. Dali feared his wife Gala was having an affair
with Fenholt.

1993, paperback
 Come As You Are
The Story of Nirvana
Michael Azerad

This reissue came out after Cobain's death
I always wanted to read this cause I remember reading
that Cobain said they were too honest in this book.

Pg 87

Around that time, the so-called alternative rock scene was under-
going one of its periodic sea-changes. Although they wouldn’t have
been caught dead admitting it even a year before, people were now
quietly admitting that yes, seventies dinosaurs like Aerosmith and
Led Zeppelin and Kiss and Alice Cooper really did rock. But it
wasn’t like punk rock never happened, either. A new tide of musi-
cians began synthesizing the hard rock they were raised on in the
seventies and the American indie punk rock they had embraced in
the eighties.

2000, paperback 
Captain Beefheart The Biography
by Mike Barnes

Excellent book on Captain Beefheart aka Don Van Vliet. 
What I like about this book is they interview all the members in 
the band and since Captain Beefheart didn't want to be involved 
the next best thing Barnes did was pull out old articles to quote him.

p 121

... the unhinged a cappella singer Wild Man Fischer, raconceur Lord
Buckley and Alice Cooper - to whom Van Vliet was antipathetic to say the
least. Cooper’s alleged cruelty to animals onstage, although hyped up,
annoyed him so much he warned Cooper, via the press, that if they met
again he’d spank his ass.

2003, paperback
Fargo Rock City 
by Chuck Klosterman

At the time of this book Chuck Klosterman was a senior writer at SPIN magazine and other publications. Not sure if he's still w/ SPIN.
This book is about his teen years growing up in North Dakota listening to hair band music. 
Chuck is more of a KISS fan from what I can tell. Subtitle of the book is titled 
“A Heavy Metal Odyssey In Rural North Dakota.”

pg 151

One section of the book called “Jack Factor” which is what it would cost him not to play a certain album ever again. Before Chuck list them he gives a few he won’t consider such as no Led Zeppelin or Ozzy-era Black Sabbath saying they are just about better than any record on his list.

As for Alice Cooper, Chuck states on #9. No Alice Cooper concept records, and no Alice Cooper records that seem like concept records (which - as far as I can tell - is the entire Alice Cooper catalog before he started to suck).

I think Chuck would be a good guest on That Metal Show. This book is pretty good even though Chuck doesn’t seem to like Alice Cooper. Beside that it’s a good book on 80’s metal mostly hair bands.
If you are wondering Chuck’s “Jack Factor” the least is Van Halen, 1984 (Jack Factor: $66)
Top was Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction (Jack Factor: $5,001)

2008, paperback
A Devil on One Shoulder
and an Angel on The Other
The Story of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon
by Greg Prato

An excellent book on Shannon Hoon
one of the most overlooked performers. 
This book is more like reading a documentry of the band.
They quote the band, family, friends, road crew,
managers, record label employees even quote Shannon Hoon
from previous interviews.

I've been a fan of Blind Melon ever since I heard them.
Unfortunately everyone heard "No Rain" then didn't bother w/ them.
SOUP was the follow up and is just as good as the debut.
After Shannon's death NICO came out which has some excellent tunes.

photo of Shannon sporting Alice Cooper make-up 
at a Halloween party.

In any musician bio or story I would always look through the index to spot Alice's name.
Unfortunately I notice a number of books including this one don't include an index.

But I do remember reading in this book Shannon was sporting Alice Cooper
make up but thumbing through the book now I can't find it.
It was only one short sentence.
Trust me it was Alice Cooper make up.

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