Friday, March 7, 2014

2013, spring, ROCK Presents AOR

2013 spring issue of AOR has quite a few articles on
Ryan Roxie w/ Lost Angels and review of his box set.
Blue Coupe concert review
and Alice Cooper mention in a Tesla feature.

Pg 12 - 13
Lost Angels

Pg 117
Ryan Roxie Box Set

Pg 120
Lost Angels concert review

Pg 123
Blue Coupe concert review

Pg 43 
Tesla bassist Brad ‘Shredded’ Wheat 
writing about his autobiography

...After the David Lee Roth tour we sold
about 300,000 records in a couple of months; the
next tour was with the Alice Cooper Band for six
weeks, it wasn’t like a DLR tour. The arenas were
half full, playing to B-markets. But it was a good
experience for us as we were still honing our live
show and getting better, and Alice was a nice guy.
The entire pretentious rock star shit was out of the
window. Alice didn’t make you get out of the way
if he was walking down the hall; he didn’t have
any of this heavy groupie scene on his tour, so that
left all the chicks for us. He’s a cool guy, except for
when he becomes Alice Cooper...

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