Friday, March 21, 2014

2011, june, Classic Rock

I've been late in posting my Classic Rock Alice Cooper related articles.
I should of done this in the beginning but time slipped away and now I don't
want to bore you with Classic Rock everyday for about 2 months. 
I figure many of you have these issues so I decided to pepper them through out. 
 I posted a few issues together providing they are not too long.
Also I ended up pushing other publications into May but I hope it's worth the wait.

June, Classic Rock, # 157

Pg 50
Glenn Danzig on Alice Cooper

Pg 52
Alice Cooper on Brian Wilson

Pg 82 - 83
Alice Cooper on Songwriters

Pg 99
Pushking review
Alice Cooper guest on one track

Pg 105
Michael Bruce
Be Your Lover - Anthology 

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