Sunday, May 25, 2014

1973, dec, 16 FUN TIME, My Weird Wonderful Affair With Alice Cooper

Finally some more older magazines from the 70's
things are winding down by the end of June should be 
the end of the publications in my collection.
Unless I purchase some past issues or rare items
which doesn't seem like that is going to happen anytime soon.

December 1973

16 Fun Time

Found at a Record Collectors Show.
I accidentally found these torn pages tucked in an
issue of 16 Holiday Special featuring Alice Cooper.
I guess the seller thought it came out of that issue.

16 Fun Time is a bi-monthly issue and this
article is Part 1 of 3.
I do have Part 2 that will appear tomorrow.

Pg 33

Pg 34 - 35, spread

Pg 36

Pg 37

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