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2010, Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock And Heavy Metal book


Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock And Heavy Metal (softcover)

This is the 1st book by Eddie Trunk. I take this as
an extension of his VH-1 Classic show That Metal Show
w/out the frat boy humor. Eddie covers a number of bands
and one of course is Alice Cooper.
Eddie isn't really an Alice Cooper fan than he is more of
a KISS fan. But during this time he started to appreciate
Alice Cooper and found out Alice is really a Mr. Nice Guy.


Pg 50 - 55

Eddie lists the Classic line up
and some additional members
of course way too many to mention in this book.

the live photos are from
The Ritz, NYC, March 12, 1990
this is one of 3 that appear in this chapter.

Eddie's pick of his favorite Alice tunes.
8 out of the 12 are original band tracks.

Alice and Eddie
LA, 2010

Alice appeared twice on That Metal Show
One was a taping backstage of an Alice concert
that was about a 5 minute piece.
The other Alice appeared on the first half of the hour show 
because he had to take a flight out of LA during the taping.
It was good he did make an appearance and would like to see
him come on again so they can donate a full hour to Alice.

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