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2012, Welcome To My Nightmare by Dave Thompson

2012, (paperback)
Welcome To My Nightmare
by Dave Thompson

I would of love to give this book a higher rating unfortunately there were many 

errors w/ dates, titles, and credits. If you are a big Alice follower like myself it is a bit 

annoying the errors that occur. Such as saying "You And Me" from Goes To Hell LP 

is really 
from the Lace and Whisky LP.

Michael Bruce wrote "When Hell Comes To Town" and Dennis Dunaway wrote 
"Runaway Train" not the other way around. Saying Rob Halford was on "Hey Stoopid" lp
instead of Ozzy Osbourne to name a few. 

I could of done without chapter one going back to Alice's ancestors. That could of been 

done in less pages. The early times w/ the original 
band writer Dave Thompson quoted 

quite a bit from Glen Buxton. 
This is the first time I read a number of quotes from Glen

assuming it was Glen that Dave 
received these statements. 

Dave talks about Billion Dollar Babies "Battle Axe" album and possible tour before the bottom

dropped out. 
It's also good to have an outsider's view so the story isn't one sided especially the

break up of the band. I read Alice's and Michael Bruce versions from their books. Also Dennis

and Neal versions from past interviews. But Dave gathers all that info and places it before you.

Going by each album and giving some behind the scenes stories I enjoyed. This book leads up 

to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" release. 
Dave Thompson
profession on writing about musicians you think he would
someone to check the dates 

and titles this would of been a top notch book and it makes me wonder what's real and what

is hearsay.

This book includes a few black & white and color pictures.


Back Cover

Here are just some of the photos that appear in this book.
There are many more photos you may have seen
in other music publications.

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