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1973, sept, Rock Scene

September 1973

(The feature article Pg 19 - 23 was posted here on November 14, 2012
from The Best of Rock Scene, 1978 issue)

Rock Scene

There's a lot of Alice Cooper material in this issue.

Pg 17 - 18

Pg 19 - 23, 'Alice Cooper Deep In The South'
(This article was posted here on November 14, 2012
from 1978, The Best of Rock Scene issue
that didn't include these photos below)

Pg 28,
Boogie With Flo & Eddie
(they talk about Alice Cooper in the beginning of article)

Pg 67, continued from Flo & Eddie

Pg 37
(were the ones who gave Alice Cooper
the leopard skin boots)

Pg 53, Star Tracks
(this is like a gossip section)

Pg 57
Rock Scene Goes To A Party
(photos of Alice, Cindy Lang, Shep Gordon, Ashley Pandel)

Pg 59 - 61

(top right of this page notes Alice presenting George Burns and
Jack Benny with a "Living Legends Award".)

Pg 69, Name That Tune
(#1 Alice trivia question)

Pg 70, Name That Tune answers

Pg 73, Poster ADs

Pg 78
Alice Cooper and Dali

Pg 81, Backstage
Neal Smith

You can check out some back issues of Rock Scene at

Plenty of Alice Cooper articles mostly from 1973 to 1975

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