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The Monkees, two paperbacks mention Alice Cooper

There are two books on The Monkees that mention Alice Cooper.
Well one is by Micky Dolenz and the other is about
The Monkees.
Both very good books and recommend to Monkee fans.

1993, paperback
I'm a Believer
my life of monkees, music, and madness
by Micky Dolenz and Mark Bego

Even in Alice Cooper interviews he brings up Micky Dolenz 
as being his next door neighbor and a member of
The Hollywood Vampires
So it's no surprise that Micky will mention Alice Cooper
in his book.

Pg 158 - 159

Life went on as usual for me. In fact, it was going on better 
than usual. Now that I wasn’t working on the TV show sixteen
hours a day or recording in the studio all weekend, I had time
to enjoy some of the fruits of my labors. And enjoy them I did: 

• My new bride and I started throwing rounds and rounds
of parties.

• We traveled around the States and around the world.

• I started playing celebrity tennis with Bill Cosby, Clint
Eastwood, Merv Griffin, Robert Duvall, Andy Williams,
and Dabney Coleman (who is an awesome tennis player).

• I learned to play golf with this rock singer who lived next
door named Vince Fumier (who later changed his name
to Alice Cooper).

• Alice and I eventually started a softball team called the
Hollywood Vampires.

• I climbed Mount Whimey.

• I built a gyrocopter in my den and went out to the
Mohave Desert to fly it (then I realized how dangerous
it was so I sold it).

• I obtained one of the first domestic-use lasers on the
West Coast and used it as a lighting effect for my parties.

• I started experimenting with holography. 

• I bought two very expensive antique cars in England
and tooled around Hollywood like the Great Gasby,
until one of them rolled down my driveway and was

• I hung out at Peter’s where he was running a macrobiotic
halfway house for wayward hippies and naked nubile
nymphs (where we sat around the pool and listened as
Stephen Stills played his guitar and sang this “new” song
he had written called “For What It’s Worth”).

• I hung out at Davy’s where this friend of his named
Charlie Smalls played us songs from the new musical he
was trying to get produced called The Wiz

• I built a recording studio in my garage with the help and
guidance of Samantha’s wonderful father, Les, and
started having basement sessions with the likes of John
Lennon, Marc Bolan, Harry Nilsson, Buddy Miles, Brian
Wilson, and Alice Cooper.

• I chased flying saucer reports around the California des-
ert with my very good friend Elliot Mintz (who would go
on to become public relations representative for the likes
of John and Yoko and Don Johnson.)

• I started writing and developing TV and movie ideas with
the very talented writer Bill Martin (who lived next door
to Harry Dean Stanton and underneath Linda Ronstadt).

• I wandered around LA. with my 16mm camera docu-
menting the life and times of southern California circa
1969 (including a far-out birthday party for Mama Cass
featuring a very young Eric Clapton).

2011, paperback
Monkee Business
The Revolutionary Made-For-TV Band
by Eric Lefcowitz

This book covers the band pre, during and post Monkees
the chapters are very short and fast paced like
The Monkees episodes. 
This covers every aspect of The Monkees
from music to marketing. Unfortunately unlike KISS
the Monkees get no money from any of the marketing products. 
Even using the band name "The Monkees" they have to ask permission 
before going out on tour.

Pg 192

When he wasn’t sleeping. Dolenz was partying hard. His social circle extended
to the Hollywood Vampires, a loose conglomeration of decadent rock stars constantly
on the prowl for naughty fun. Their booze-and-cocaine antics would become the
stuff of legend. Dolenz happily joined these roving bad boys, stumbling around
with the likes of Alice Cooper, Keith Moon, Ringo Starr and John Lennon (whose
misadventures with the gang were later dubbed “The Lost Weekend”)

There are no photos in the book of Alice with either Monkee 
but that doesn't stop an internet search and here you go.

Davy Jones 1977 and last most current photo 
around 2012 or 2013

1974, John Lennon, Anne Murray, Harry Nilsson, 
Alice Cooper, Micky Dolenz

So is Anne Murray one of the Hollywood Vampires? ...(just kidding)

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