Thursday, May 1, 2014

Super Duper Alice Cooper review

I was expecting a big turnout but as I entered the theater early
at 6:30 I was the only one seated. By 7pm one person
entered then minutes later a few more by the time the movie 
started at 7:30 there was a total of 14 people.

---- Spoiler Alert below ----

Alice came on the screen first to announce to the audience
to stick around after the movie for a Q&A.
The show itself was pretty good. It did remind me of looking through a 
ViewMaster. They added stock footage in the collage and some
silent horror movie they keep repeating. There were some rare 
photos and footage. The one I liked was one scene that looked
it was From The Inside as Alice is running out of the hospital.
I never seen that before but only a still shot.
Some other concert footage I've seen or have but the quality
shown was much clearer.

I did enjoy it but thought it was short and could of added
more info and interviews of people around some of those dark days.
They could of used Wagner & Hunter who was with Alice during 
those dark times. Even Kane Roberts as Alice came out clean at
the end. I was happy for Dennis Dunaway who also came out ahead
in the end as well and is proud of Alice and what they both accomplished.
The Q&A consist of questions printed on screen by fans as
Alice answers them. It was about 10 minutes.

To be honest I thought "VH1 - Behind The Music" did a better job on
the Alice Cooper story. Except for Alice talking about cocaine addiction
a lot of stuff wasn't that detailed. Remember on "Behind The Music"
Alice said he was in bed for days and wasting away as his family and friends
gather around him and practically carried him to the hospital.
This doc Alice just says I flew back to Phoenix and went into the hospital.
It wasn't that dramatic as the VH1 story. 
I think the only honesty came from Dennis. 

There are 2 things I question from Shep. One is he was told by The Chamber Brothers
he should manager Alice Cooper who was living in their basement at the time.
Not Hendrix or Cindy Smith.
The other he was the best man at Alice's wedding. I read a while back
Bernie Taupin was the best man. I guess there is still haziness to some of the stories.

In all the Doc has some rare pics and a lot of the early music from "Pretties For You"
and "Easy Action" that any Alice Cooper fan would enjoy.

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