Monday, September 15, 2014

1980, Roadie, Soundtrack, vinyl

1980, double vinyl
Roadie Soundtrack

Just like Sgt Pepper another really bad movie with musicians in it. The double LP gives us a range of performers from different styles. You have Alice Cooper, Blondie, Styx, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams Jr., Cheap Trick, Asleep At The Wheel, Eddie Rabbitt, Teddy gets worst.

This came out in Alice's New Wave period 1980 during his "Flush The Fashion" album release. In this movie Alice appears in his classic eye make-up self.
The movie "Roadie" was influenced by Alice's song "Road Rats" on his "Lace And Whiskey" album which one of the songs on this album. The other song is "Pain" from "Flush The Fashion" LP. Both songs by Alice are his own recordings. But for this album he re-recorded these songs and they sound great. Both of the songs are produced by Todd Rundgren and his backing band Utopia are Alice's band along with Davey Johnstone who played and toured with Alice. On "Road Rats" Todd also did background vocals as in "Pain" he just produced. Anyway the songs are very well done. Alice's Box Set only has "Road Rats".
Alice makes an appearance near the end of the movie with some dialog and performing portions of  "Road Rats", "Pain" and "Only Women Bleed".

Roadie Soundtrack Cover

Back Cover

Inside Left Cover

Inside Right Cover

Vinyl Sleeve Side One

Vinyl Sleeve Side Two

Side One
4. Road Rats

Side Three
4. Pain

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