Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1988, Iron Eagle II, soundtrack, vinyl

1988, vinyl
Iron Eagle II Soundtrack

An action movie that wasn't bad at all. Alice is only involved in one soundtrack number "I've Got A Line On You" which is a cover from the band Spirit. Alice gives his own style of this cover which sounds like it was an Alice Cooper original. 

This soundtrack has musicians who were popular around that time so it has the 80's vibe to it. Such artist as Britney Fox, Rick Springfield, Henry Lee Summer, etc.

"I've Got A Line On You" later appears on Alice's "The Life And Crimes..." Box Set and "Freedom For Frankenstein" an Australia made CD put out by Raven label.

I didn't know Alice was on this soundtrack. I was checking out the new arrival record bin
when I seen his name listed on the cover. I expressed my surprise with an involuntary outburst of "yeah!" as I looked up I noticed another customer across the record bin staring at me.

Iron Eagle II

Back Cover

Side Two
1.  I Got A Line On You

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