Tuesday, September 2, 2014

1997, Joe Bouchard Presents The X Brothers - Solid Citizens, (Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway co-wrote a few tracks)

1997, CD
Solid Citizen
Joe Bouchard Presents The X Brothers

Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway do not appear on this album but they co-wrote a few tracks.
"Love's A Killer" (which was taken from Deadringer album) and "Wild Ones" written by Neal, Dennis and Bouchard
"On Fire With Love" was written by Bouchard, A. Hilfiger, B. Hilfiger, Neal Smith.
The X Brothers band is Joe Bouchard, Jimmy Cacala, Andy and Billy Hilfiger.
"Love's A Killer" sounded better on this recording than Deadringer. To me production-wise it sounded clearer. 
"Wild Ones" is a good rockin' song and "On Fire With Love" has some good guitar work. 
In a whole this album isn't bad.


Back Cover

Pg 9 & 10
I didn't scan the rest of the CD book since no relation to Dennis or Neal.
I also had to adjust the cropping to make the bullets line up with
the song title. If I just scanned the way it was stapled the left side
is higher than right which was hard to follow.


Back of Jewel case

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