Wednesday, September 24, 2014

1978, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club, soundtrack, vinyl, Because by Alice Cooper

1978, double vinyl
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Soundtrack
"Because" cover by Alice Cooper and The Bee Gees

The album is just as bad as the movie. Aerosmith were the only ones
to come out unscathed. It took me a longtime to like
Alice's version of "Because" but that's it for the album.

Since my scanner is smaller than vinyl album size I am
missing some of the album art. I usually tile the art
in 4 scans but you get the picture.

I found this online
much better than my scan image

Back Cover

Inside left cover
as you see I cut off a Bee Gee

Inside right cover
Alice at bottom right

Album Sleeve Side One
The sleeve art is the same on the second record

Album Sleeve Side Two

It's said that Alice was in rehab and had to get permission
to leave & work on this project. I always say if the Doctors
ever seen this movie they would never release him.

Record 2, Side 3
6. Because - Alice Cooper, The Bee Gees

I remember buying this album in Maine during the summertime.
I had to return the first purchase because it skipped so the guy
gave me the poster that was included in the LP so I have
a copy of the inside poster. 
Found this image online.

22x33 inches

Includes 2 promos
First one is a two-sided promo
7x9 inches

One-sided promo

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