Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Good opportunity for a reunion tour

I don’t post many comments as you see on this blog but the following is about a what ever happened to the reunion tour?

Last February 2015 the band listings of the Rock Legends Cruise III was as followed
“The Doobie Brothers, Alice Cooper, Paul Rodgers, 38 Special, The Marshall Tucker Band, Don Felder, WAR, Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam, Blue Oyster Cult, Uriah Heep, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Rik Emmett, The Edgar Winter Band, Ten Years After, Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown, Pat Travers Band, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Melvin Seals & JGB, The Artimus Pyle Band, Swamp Da Wamp, Steve Rodgers, The Blue Lords, Citizens Band Radio”

It reminded me of an interview a while back that Alice said he doesn’t want to become a “revival act” when asked why don’t he tour w/ his original band. But this is what Alice is doing now only w/ younger players covering half the concert w/ a set list of classic hits.
Now I'm not knocking Alice's backing band. That's one thing I like about Alice is he always has an outstanding backing band. Even in his New Wave period I loved his version of "I'm Eighteen" live. I even became a fan of Ryan Roxie ever since I seen him perform w/ Alice back in summer of the late 90's.

Besides the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame reunion show there was talk Alice was going to hit a few cities w/ the original band but that didn’t pan out for some reason. I know the band was ready but Alice continued on w/ his current band. Alice has done a number of small reunion shows like his Cooper’sTown, Christmas Pudding and the Jagermeister 4D performance. By the way I wonder why they didn’t release that on DVD. They even recorded 3 songs on his “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” CD. On "When Hell Comes Home" is a pure example of 
classic Alice Cooper sound.

Now some of the original members might not be able to do a world tour
due to health or other reasons but this cruise would of been ideal for them. No tour bus or planes, no moving from hotel to hotel. They can take family/friends w/ them on the cruise. They play a few nights, have a buffet, do some Q&A’s like they do at the New Jersey horror conventions and get to stroll back to their cabins. Plus the usual cruise passengers are older majority that grew up w/ the original band or close to it. Alice has been touring and recording so long that a lot of people didn’t even know he had an original band. Sort of like KISS many later fans grew up not knowing Ace & Peter are the original members. They may come to learn it later on as they collect the back catalog of records. 

Most of these bands touring have newer members out numbering the originals playing their classic hits. I just think this would of been ideal for the original band to do some shows w/ out the stress of travel. They could of continued the sales by recording selling a DVD / CD of the show. I’m pretty sure there will be people including myself very interested in it.

If Alice can't find a way to do a reunion tour I like to see them put out one whole album
w/ the original members.   

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  1. Cooper won't do it because of the guilt he still experiences over stabbing them all in the back... he can stand them for a day, but any period longer than that and he might have to face what a dick he is....