Friday, June 26, 2015

1989, 2000 reissue, Fifth Angel (Ken Mary) - Time Will Tell CD

Reissued on Metal Works Headbanger Series in 2000, "Time Will Tell" original released in 1989This is Fifth Angel's last recording w/ Ken Mary's departure from the band. Ken later joined House of The Lords, Impellitteri among others. Ken now a professional audio engineer who runs Sonic Phish Studios in Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California.
There was talk about a reunion w/ only John Macko and Ed Archer coming back. The rest of the band was filled in by other musicians who did a few live shows but no recording so far.

"Time Will Tell" youtube video bottom of page

On this re-issued CD I don't know if the vinyl included more art or copy. 

Fifth Angel "Time Will Tell"
CD Cover

Inside cover booklet

Back Cover
(same photo from back of debut CD)

Panel Cover Side

Inside panel


behind CD holder

Back CD Jewel Case

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