Sunday, June 28, 2015

2011, Chris Sanders Knight Fury (Ken Mary) - Time To Rock

This is currently the last Ken Mary recording I have for now in my collection.
Ken appeared in a number of bands through out his career.

I came across Knight Fury from an on-line site
but can't remember where or what website.
It is an iTune download so I had to do a search
for credits since downloads almost never include any credits or liner notes.
So I made my own hard copy on CD-R and included info below.

Knight Fury reminds me of Fifth Angel or as some say Crimson Glory. 
It does have that 80's sound to it. Lizzy Borden’s Chris Sanders who formed this band is an
 exceptional guitarist. Plus you have Megadeth's bassist David Ellefson and Ken Mary on drums.
 Vocalist William King sounds a bit like Torre from Crimson Glory.

Bassist David Ellefson (MEGADETH), drummer Ken Mary (ALICE COOPER, IMPELLITTERI,
 FIFTH ANGEL) and vocalist William King are among the guest musicians who appear on 
"Time To Rock", the debut album from KNIGHT FURY, the project led by former 
LIZZY BORDEN guitarist Chris Sanders.

The Knight Fury "Time to Rock" album is available for downloading from online retailers.

2011, Chris Sanders, Knight Fury - "Time To Rock"

I don't remember if iTunes included the cover art
or I just made a copy and paste from the online page. 

Liner Notes created by EvenSpotSpeaks as Back Cover

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