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1995, Soul Shock Remedy (Ken Mary) - Fish Eye Lens CD

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Ken spells his last name 'Mari' on this CD.
Also interesting to point out that Michael Wagener mixed the recording.
Wagener mixed Alice Cooper "Constrictor" and Produced "Raise Your Fist And Yell".

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Soul Shock Remedy - Fish Eye Lens, 1995

LINEUP: Ken Mary - vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards * Brian Buzard - guitars, vocals * Mark Stratford - bass, 12 string guitar, keyboards, vocals * Ben Ashley - guitars, talkbox, vocals

Soul Shock Remedy was the one-off project by drum supremo Ken Mary. Having done stints with Fifth Angel,TKO, Bonfire, and House Of Lords, it was a 'bolt from the blue' that Mary (strangely named 'Mari' on the album jacket), would be up fronting this Arizona based outfit as the lead singer. The musical style of SSR was quite a departure for Ken considering his pedigree. Gone are the overblown melodic strains of yesteryear, replaced by some modern/alt rock ramblings which are suitably given a 1960's psychedelic shakedown. Though the whole thing was mixed by Michael Wagener, this is Ken's baby, as he produced and engineered the whole thing. The other significant connection to his past is the Chuck Wright designed cover.

Soul Shock Remedy - Fish Eye Lens, 1995

Cover mid panels

Back Cover

Inside CD booklet unfolded


Back CD Jewel Case

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