Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Super Duper Alice Cooper Premiere

Tonight the premiere of Super Duper Alice Cooper.
Did anyone notice the similar title to Supermench
the Shep Gordon documentary.
I believe Supermench was announced before Super Duper Alice Cooper.

This should be a good show. I didn't want to read any reviews before I see
it for myself. I did see the Q&A but they didn't give away much
of the story. Only thing I know is it ends in the 80's when Alice officially
quit alcohol and Alice finally tells us of his drug addiction that kept hiding
away from the public. Also Michael Bruce the only original band member that doesn't 
appear in the interviews. Alice was asked and his reply was they couldn't pin Bruce down. 
You can take it for what it means. The director also mentions there are no "talking heads"
which means no visual of the person being interviewed that to me
means more rare footage and photos...I hope.


  1. What did you think of it? I went with a friend (who dressed up!) and we loved it. Loads of great pics/footage neither of us had seen, and it was wonderful to hear the really old stuff on a cinematic sounds system. Made me want to dig out Pretties and Easy Action again. I'm glad he at last came clean about the cocaine. Looking forward to a possible part 2.

    Ps, My friend and I went home and embarked upon a 10 hour Alice dvd fest. Only stopped when we ran out of films to watch....looking forward to part 2 of that, which will include the SD dvd.

  2. Be viewing it tonight at 7:30pm...I'll try & post my review after the show w/out any spoilers.
    I am curious how many people will show up. Besides the internet I haven't seen or heard any other advertisements.