Saturday, August 9, 2014

Top 10 Dick Wagner Collaboration or Songs

To finish off my Dick Wagner Tribute I like to close with...

EvenSpotSpeaks Top 10 Dick Wagner Collaboration or Songs

10. Don’t Stop The Music - Dick Wagner, “Richard Wagner” 
This is a song I like to hear Alice cover. It almost could be 
on "Alice Cooper Goes To Hell".  

9. From The Inside - Alice Cooper “From The Inside”
This is quite hard to pick I do like the whole album and
Jackknife Johnny is another favorite but I think the title
track Wagner really rocks out on this tune.

8. Intro/Sweet Jane (Live) - Lou Reed, “Rock N Roll Animal”
Of course Wagner didn't write this tune but does an amazing live intro that he
and Steve Hunter collaborated on that is still popular on the radio.

7. In My Darkest Hour -  Dick Wagner, “Rock History”
Amazing song that I think Chris Cornell should cover. 

6. Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper “Welcome To My Nightmare”
Alice's first collaboration w/ Wagner shows the chemistry they had
and the beginning of a long friendship.

5. I Might As Well Be On Mars - Alice Cooper, “Hey Stoopid”
Wagner's 1995 comeback w/ Alice since his "From The Inside" 1978 album.
Wagner doesn't miss a beat as he creates a buzz among Alice fans. I think
all fans were hoping for a return of Wagner and Cooper.

4. Wish You Were Here - Alice Cooper “Goes To Hell”
Besides one of the best drum solos by Allan Schwartzberg at the end
this track I loved the first time I played it. 

3. I’d Take The Bullet -  Dick Wagner, “Full Meltdown”
This is an old song that Dick worked on w/ new band Meltdown
An outstanding track that is one of my favorite from Wagner.

2. I’m Eighteen (Live) - Alice Cooper, “The Alice Cooper Show”
Now Alice is know as saying this isn't his favorite album but that
is from the bad state he was in at that time. But the band is outstanding
on this album and even though Wagner didn't write this tune he and Hunter
make it their own. Outstanding guitar work if you have it I recommend going
back to it & listen to the band.

1. Pass The Gun Around - Alice Cooper, “DaDa”
I would say the whole album but if I have to narrow it down
"Pass The Gun Around" is just one of the standout tracks from
this album called "DaDa"


  1. How about "Execution Day"? I've always enjoyed Meat Loaf's version of that song:

  2. Yes! That is a good tune and sung by Meatloaf the Pavarotti of rock.

  3. Wagner and Hunter do NOT make I'm 18 their own. And "The Alice Cooper Show" is as bad as even Cooper says it was.

  4. Alice said he wasn't happy w/ his own performance on that album because he was in poor health and it reminded him of how bad he felt. Remember his was supposedly done w/ the tour when he was forced to go out to do a few live shows to be recorded for The Alice Cooper Show album. Otherwise Hunter & Wagner did an amazing job on those recordings that I still enjoy listening too but of course we all have our own opinion and favorite records so I hear ya.