Sunday, August 31, 2014

1998, The Faculty soundtrack, includes 2 Alice Cooper covers

1998, CD
The Faculty
Music From The Dimension Motion Picture

The Faculty was one of those teen horror movies.
It wasn't bad I put it in the same vein as Class of 1984.
The soundtrack includes 4 cover tunes. 
Two Alice Cooper songs, one Pink Floyd 
and one David Bowie.

Pink Floyd "Another Brick In The Wall" by Layne Staley (Alice In Chains)
this may be one of Layne's last recordings from what I can tell.
Also Tom Morelio (Rage Against The Machine) on guitar.

David Bowie "Changes" by Shawn Mullen

Two Alice Cooper songs are
"I'm Eighteen" by Creed
which is a pretty good cover. I like Stapp's vocals on this song
and Creed dosen't cover it exactly as Alice Cooper they seem
to give it their own sound.

"School's Out" by Soul Asylum 
I like the music but not much into the vocals. 
I do like David Pirner vocals on his own songs
and "Grave Dancers Union" one of my favorite CDs
but I can't get into his Alice cover maybe if he did
a mellower Alice track.

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