Saturday, August 2, 2014

1978, Early Frost (Dick Wagner) vinyl

1978, vinyl

Early Frost

I have a few Dick Wagner vinyls and CDs that I would like
to post at this time. I do have Wagner as guest on other artists
but maybe later I'll post them. For now Early Frost I found 
in a used record shop back in the 80's. 

Released in 1978 on Vanguard Records Early Frost consist of Dick Wagner 
lead vocals and guitar, Don Hartman rhythm guitar and harmonica, 
 Gordy Garris on bass, Bob Rigg on drums. The album credits Dick Wagner 
 and Sam Charters as splitting up the producing.
All songs written by Dick Wagner. Playing with Lou Reed and Alice Cooper 
 you would think Wagner sound like either. 
This album seems to sound even earlier than '78. It almost has that late 60's sound 
like Yardbirds. Such as "Jennie Lee" for one reminds me of it. As for 'Linda" the second 
track it sounds like a Paul McCartney and Wings song. "Sweet Lady Love" has that 
Boyce and Hart or Monkees beat as well as most of side two.


Back Cover

Side One

Side Two

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