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1978, Richard Wagner, vinyl

1978, vinyl

Richard Wagner

Released in '78 along with Early Frost this vinyl sounds more
from '78. Title "Richard Wagner" Dick mentions in his bio
"Not Only Women Bleed" that some record stores use to place
his albums in the classical music section under composer Richard Wagner.

Quite a number of people credited on this album came from Alice's solo tours. 
There are more musicians but I just noted the Alice related artist. Produced by Bob Ezrin 
and Brian Christian who both produced Steve Hunter's album too. Musicians that played 
with Alice goes as followed Drums by Whitey Glan and Allan Schwartzberg, bass by Prakish
 John, guitar by Richard Wagner and Steve Hunter, keyboards by Bob Ezrin and Fred Mandel.
 Alice didn't contribute any lyric or vocals but Wagner gives special thanks to Alice Cooper on
 the inside credit sleeve.

By no means is this album sounding like an Alice Cooper album but it's lyrics and musical
 arrangements are different from Early Frost. Wagner's vocals are stronger.
Also Richard does some guitar solos that show his gift as an axeman. 
"Don't Stop the Music" is one of my favorite tracks. 

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Back Cover

vinyl sleeve
notice bottom right credit Photographer Exley who later shot Alice Cooper 
during Flush The Fashion and Special Forces years.

other side of vinyl sleeve
most of the musicians from Welcome To My Nightmare album and tour
bottom right Wagner gives Special Thanks to Alice Cooper

Side One

Side Two

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