Friday, August 15, 2014

1973, School Days, double album

I remember buying this double album in
the Newington Mall in N.H. 
It was was a record and book store back in early 80's.
This is a German Import that contains the first 2 Alice Cooper
albums "Pretties For You" and "Easy Action" that I already have
but during this time I bought anything Alice Cooper.
The corner of the LP was cut so it was a discount price that I know
but actually price escapes me.

This has a cool cover illustration of the band.
I know the images of Neal, Michael and Glen are from the record sleeve
of Billion Dollar Babies album. You know the white room w/
crying baby and rabbits as they are all dressed in white.
Dennis looks like it's from the Killer promo photo I posted
on October 21, 2012. As for Alice it looks like it's from
promo photo or some music magazine image. Not sure
but it looks familiar. The position of his head is different
from the inside the Billion Dollar Babies album.

As noted before my scanner is small so it takes 4 scans
to tile each album side.

School Days
Alice Cooper The Early Recordings


Back Cover

Inside Album

LP Sleeve
this side shows the Killer album bottom row

LP Sleeve Other Side
Love It To Death album on top row

Side 1
Pretties For You

Side 2
Pretties For You

Side 3
Easy Action

Side 4
Easy Action


  1. Yeah, I've got this one too, you can still find it quite easily on flea markets here in Holland. Alice's picture is adapted from the photo of the Hello Hurray single ( and was also used on the Star Collection album from 1975 (a re-issue of Love it to Death, Maybe that's why you find it familiar?

  2. That's where I have seen it. Thanks for the info Martijn.