Sunday, August 24, 2014

1972, reissue, Love It To Death, vinyl

After the controversial thumb cover of 1971 "Love It To Death"
WB released a reissue cover in 1972.

To tell the truth Alice's thumb was just a thumb
I didn't see anything other than what it was but since the 
whole 1969 Jim Morrison fiasco in Miami maybe WB Label
was concerned of any backlash.

I found this album at a record show in 1995.

1972 (reissue)
Love It To Death


Back Cover

Even the back was edited but I think it was constancy from the front cover
They still never correct the song listing. "Hallowed Be My Name" is
after "Is It My Body" on Side 2.

Inside Album Spread

The paper stock on the inside spread is different from the 1971 album.
In '71 the paper was a glossy magazine stock as in this reissue
'72 version is on a flat dull paper stock.

Vinyl Label Side 1

Vinyl Label Side 2

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