Monday, August 11, 2014

Drew: The Man Behind the Poster, Dennis Dunaway cameo

Available on NetFlix is an excellent documentary on artist
Drew Struzan who started out at Pacific Eye & Ear
creating album covers. Later Drew moved on to
doing movie posters. If you don't know Drew's work
just look at Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back To The Future,
The Muppet movie posters just to name a few. 
From a guy who started out struggling to finally making it.
It's a very humbling story of a great artist. It's good
to see sometimes the good guys do win in the end.

As they talk about his early career at Pacific Eye & Ear
that he created "Alice Cooper Greatest Hits" cover that
has the band as gangsters from the 1900's along with
movies stars from the the 40's and 50's.

Then again for "Welcome To My Nightmare" that
Michael J. Fox notes his first introduction to Drew Struzan
after purchasing his favorite performer Alice Cooper's album.
That same album became a billboard in Hollywood the
many performers and business men in the advertising field stop their car
and say "I want that artist".

Dennis Dunaway gives about 2 cameo segments on Drew.
I say about 2 to 3 minutes each near the beginning of the documentary.

Movie Poster

Alice Cooper Greatest Hits LP

Welcome To My Nightmare LP

Dennis Dunaway

Recent book on 
The Art of Drew Struzan

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