Sunday, October 12, 2014

1971, Medicine Ball Caravan, vinyl, Black JuJu

1971, vinyl
Medicine Ball Caravan

Alice Cooper track "Black JuJu"

I found this vinyl at a record shop back in '82 for $4.99 with an "out of print" sticker.
The bottom right corner was cut off although you might not be able to view
in this scan. 

This 70's film by Associate Producer Martin Scorsese wasn't as popular as his 
"The Last Waltz" project. Directed by Francios Reichenbach, 'Medicine Ball Caravan' was 
a cross country trek with 154 hippies traveling over 8,000 miles. Camping in a number of
locations around the States and performing outdoor concerts.
"Black Juju" was actually taken from the album "Love It To Death" with audience sounds
 overdubbed to give it a live performance. But the film does show a live footage of Alice Cooper performing although 
they edited the song.
Some other performers on this album are The Youngbloods, B.B.King, Doug Kershaw, Delaney and Bonnie, and the traveling house band Stoneground.

I never seen this film but did see the Alice Cooper's edited performance that
was shot at night and was very dark. I don't know if it was the film itself
or the quality of the video but a very interesting show.


Back Cover

Side 1

Side 2
track 1, Alice Cooper, Black JuJu

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