Saturday, October 4, 2014

2002, Slack Alice Live in Toronto 1969, CD

2002, CD
Slack Alice Live in Toronto 1969
(Toronto Rock N' Roll Revival 1969, Volume IV)

This version is one of my favorite versions just
because of the photos. Yeah they are not from '69 except for
the inside spread of the CD booklet. Which includes a 4 page
 introduction to Alice Cooper.

The front cover is only titled
"Live in Toronto 1969"
but the CD binder is titled
"Slack Alice Live in Toronto 1969"

1971 Love It To Death image

Pg 1

Pg 2

Pg 3 & 4
from 1969

Pg 5

Pg 6

Back Cover


CD Holder
1973 image behind the CD

Back Jewel Case CD

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