Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Joe Perry talks again on McCartney, Cooper, Depp secret project

Joe Perry doing his book tour circuit interviews brings up the 
top secret project again with McCartney, Cooper, Depp and himself.

(Depp, Cooper, Perry photo from 2012 Dark Shadow Premiere Party)

Excerpts from examiner.com

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, in an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” Oct. 6 to plug his new book “Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith,” again confirmed he’d been in the studio recording on a secret project with Paul McCartney, Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper, according to a summary of the show on MarksFriggin.com. He said McCartney had requested Perry, who had been recording with Cooper, to join his session. He said the song they worked on, which he didn’t reveal the title of, was written many years ago by McCartney but that he hadn’t performed since. Perry said he was blown away by working with McCartney.

Excerpts from marksfriggin.com

Howard said Joe was with Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp and they all recorded together. Joe said he met Johnny working on the last album when Steven was working on American Idol.....

.... Joe told Howard about the Paul McCartney thing and about how great Johnny Depp is. He said that he’s a loner and a friend. He said that they get along really well. Joe said that they were recording this thing with Alice and Alice is amazing. He said he’s known him for years. Joe said he was free that afternoon and they had played before. He said Paul was there and he asked him to come in to cover one of the songs. Joe told Howard that this song he did was one that he had written many years ago and he hadn’t performed it since then. He said that Paul remembered it all. He said they were all in the room seeing it happen and they were all blown away.....

EvenSpotSpeaks notes: Well now we know it's a McCartney song "he has written many years ago
and hadn't performed it since then." as a quote from Perry.
Is it "Smile Away" that's on the vinyl edition of McCartney's new release or something else?

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