Sunday, October 19, 2014

1998, Me & G.B. book

Anniversary of Glen Buxton's passing on October 19, 1997

This book is a wonderful collection of photos and stories on Glen Buxton.
1 of 4 books (the other 3 titles are Phoenix & GB, Pretty & Easy, and Love'm To Death)
 that Paul Brenton created. I only have the first book
which is also signed by guest at the memorial such as Glen's family
mother & father, sister plus other musicians Neal, Dennis, John Speer etc...

Paul was the one who started The Glen Buxton Memorial and helped
raise money for Glen's special made headstone.

Hope I am not stepping on anyone's toes here. Just showing a few pages that include some 
funny and touching stories about Glen. Also includes some rare photos all donated by Glen's family, friends and fans. 
At that time I donated a VHS concert that was auctioned off to raise money for this event.
The book is bound that includes B&W and color photocopies. 

1998, hardcover

Me & G.B. cover

Nice opening letter by Paul Brenton

Following are just some random pages

Buxton-Flynn was one amazing band. I have a very rough audio
of one of their shows. Two great guitarists I would of loved to hear
more from this band.

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