Saturday, October 11, 2014

Eddie Trunk Podcast - Joe Perry interview

Not sure if anyone is interested in The Eddie Trunk Podcast
that is on every Thursday since it debuted July. 
I enjoy the podcast and even if I'm not that much into a certain
guest I find the interviews interesting.

Full podcast here

This is more serious than VH-1 That Metal Show
it doesn't involve the other two co-host and he doesn't do
the "Top 5...." list or other breaks during the interview. 
It's basically Eddie interviewing guests
mostly one per show that last a little over an hour.

This Oct 9th interview includes Joe Perry of Aerosmith who is promoting
his autobiography "Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith"
out now.

When Joe left Aerosmith from '79 to '84
in the podcast he mentions of working with
Alice Cooper but only in one sentence around the 37:12 mark.
Not sure how much detail he goes into his book on this time.
I may check it out from the public library.

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