Friday, October 3, 2014

1998, Snorting Anthrax, CD

1998, CD
Snorting Anthrax
(Toronto Rock N' Roll Revival 1969, Volume IV)

This CD was given to me by a friend who went over
to England on vacation. She found it in a bargain bin and knew 
I'm an Alice fan and couldn't resist it.

This CD is pretty good on packaging by giving some
background on Alice Cooper in the CD booklet.

There are some strange titles for this recording
but this one "Snorting Anthrax" I have no idea where it came from.
It's not even from any Alice Cooper lyrics.

Another out of date picture
They really got their money's worth of this picture
they use it 3 times in the packaging.

Page 1
Inside CD Booklet

Page 2

Back Cover
"For Alice" is the instrumental title


Back of Jewel Case CD

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