Friday, October 17, 2014

2013, Madrid podcast interview Michael Bruce

Michael Bruce interview on a podcast from Madrid, Spain posted on October 31, 2013.
They translate the questions and Michael’s answers. Includes 2 songs “Elected” then “Billion Dollar Babies" at the end.
There is about a 9 minute intro in Spanish then Michael Bruce starts around 9:30 in the podcast. At 26:48 they seem to have another person interviewed in Spanish then returns w/ Michael at 37:35 for the rest of the podcast.

Mike talks about touring w/ his new band who has a female bass player and re-releasing his book “No More Mr. Nice Guy” again adding more chapters like the RnR Hall of Fame. This was supposedly being released last Spring.
Michael tells a few more stories from the Alice Cooper days from Hendrix, Moon, Pink Floyd and Lennon.

Amazon list the revised book w/ 192 pages
right now listed as "currently unavailable"

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