Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2002, MiniMates

Art Asylum was best known for a running series of characters from Marvel Comics. 
They also create from Movies, TV and Video Games. Such as Bruce Lee, Rocky, Star Wars, etc...
Art Asylum even started doing Rock Stars like Ozzy, Rob Zombie, Eddie from Iron Maiden, and Kiss. Art Asylum picked a character and would create a number of series of just that one character.

Alice Cooper MiniMates was suppose to be a series of 3 taken from his albums.
First the Constrictor which was released then other 2 that were never released Brutal Planet
and Fistful of Alice.
These items are about 3 inches high.

For some reason in 2007 Diamond Select took over the products. From what I've seen it looks as they dropped the RockStar series.

Constrictor sealed package.

Side view of Constrictor packaging.
I liked the package design and the graphics.
The Alice Minimate face floating around
and bones frame the item.

Back view of Constrictor packaging
In 2002 it was priced at $5.99
Now I have seen this on Amazon for $99 

bottom of Constrictor packaging

No I didn't take it out of the box. 
I found a site that shows you what
Constrictor looks unsealed.
Has ALICE down the leg
It includes a sword.

This is a Prototype of Fistful of Alice that was never released.
This looks pretty cool.

Brutal Planet was another one that wasn't released.
I don't know if they came out w/ a prototype like
Fistful of Alice.

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