Saturday, November 10, 2012

1978, How You Gonna See Me Now / No Tricks, 45rpm

I have the 45 of "How You Gonna See Me Now" w/ out a picture sleeve.
I do remember buying this because of Side 2 "No Tricks" w/ R&B singer Betty Wright
that wasn't on "From The Inside" album. This is a great concept album.

"How You Gonna See Me Now"

"No Tricks" w/ Betty Wright

"No Tricks" I thought was an excellent song. 
I thought it showed Alice's singing versatility.
It sort of reminds me as "Blue Turk" being a Jazz number
"No Tricks" an R&B song.

This is an image of the photo sleeve 
if you were lucky enough to purchase it.
Shot was from inside the "From The Inside" album.

If you wondering what Betty Wright looks like 
this is her Live album from 1978.

Someone was kind enough to post "No Tricks" on youtube

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