Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1978, The Best of Rock Scene

Taking a break from the 45rpms I came across an old 1978 issue of Rock Scene 
Special Collector's Edition, No. 1 titled The Best of Rock Scene.
This is a collection of articles that go far back as 1973.
Unfortunately when I did purchase this issue in '78 I cut out the Alice article
but kept the issue because it had plenty of information of other artists.
Hey! I was young & stupid. Now I'm older and just as dumb.

Special Collector's Edition, The Best of Rock Scene, No. 1

Pg. 1, Rick Derringer's new album titled
"If I Weren't So Romantic, I'd Shoot You"
that is actually written by Alice Cooper and Bernie Taupin.
This was during Alice's "From The Inside" album.
I did a review of Derringer album on my
under Collaboration 

Pg 6, The Rock Scene Years
Starting in 1973

Pg 7, 1975 and 1976

Pg 47, continued from pg 7

Pg 27, titled Scrapbook
a collection of photos from different parties and events.

pg 44, 1973, article
 Alice Cooper In The Deep South

pg 45,
A little side note here:
I remember seeing this photo of Alice on a police drama TV series 
and almost positive it was "Hill Street Blues"
it was a poster about drugs.
That was the start of the scene after the commercial.
The camera starts on the poster which is in the hallway of the precinct
then zooms out from the poster and goes into one of the rooms.
It just stuck w/ me all this time.

pg 80

pg 81

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  1. I like page 6 super group line up.